Nonprofix Donor CRM – Best Data Management Platform In Decades

Nonprofix Donor CRM – Best Data Management Platform In Decades is NANOE’s full-throated endorsement of a new Customer Relationship Manager that changes the way charities do business. Here’s what NANOE Co-Founder Jimmy LaRose has to share:

First, let me start by assuring you that I have no financial interest in the data management platform I’m about to introduce. Neither do any of the companies I own nor the charities I oversee benefit from my opinions.

Second, you may know that during my three decades in nonprofit fundraising I’ve recommended a Donor CRM one time only. 1t was in the mid 1990s when Chip Muston launched his online system eTapestry which he subsequently sold to Blackbaud years later for $28,000,000.

Since then hundreds of CRM products flooded the marketplace. Some good, some bad, most mediocre. I’ve entertained presentations with a myriad of developers coveting my endorsement in theNonprofix Jimmy LaRose hopes I would turn the organizations in my network into their customers.

I saw no upside in promoting one system over another. Too many ways for things to go wrong.  Operating systems, networking issues, migration, tech support, etc.

Regardless, the confusing nature of too many donor management systems has been a dilemma for nearly 30 years. You see, I’m the co-founder of National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE). NANOE members rely on our expertise to assist them when choosing products and services. When it comes to vendors the question we’re asked the most is, “Which CRM does NANOE recommend? Which one has the features we need at a price we can afford?”  It’s been years since we launched NANOE and I never had an answer I could share with confidence.

Until now!

Six months ago Nicole Brose convinced my team of fundraising experts there was finally an answer we could share with certainty. Nicole took me on a journey into the world of Nonprofix. I’m pleased to announce their team of experts have created a customer relationship management product that levels the charitable playing field.

Like me, both Nicole, and her co-founder Nicholas Louckes witness the way developers scam charities into paying for overpriced products that don’t work with features they’ll never use. Nonprofix defied convention by designing a unique hybrid solution IN THE FORM OF A WEBSITE PLUG-IN using technology that connects to YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE. This way your data belongs to you and ensures you manage donors, prospects, volunteers, event planning, receipting, major gifts campaigns, reporting, communication systems, and much more. Their solution has a clear user interface, stores data in a location that you own, at a price any organization can afford. A larger nonprofit may not be as concerned about cost and may have staff that can be trained but a smaller, more cost-conscious nonprofit needs something better.

Nonprofix Donor CRM – Best Data Management Platform In Decades

Nonprofix’s CRM is integrated as a plugin for WordPress. Why? Nonprofix chose the plugin model for several reasons, including the number of charities using WordPress, the power of having all of the functionality, including the database, built into a website the organization owns, PLUS the ability for Nonprofix to offer a CRM at a price you can afford.

The Nonprofix solution offers the following features:

  • Donor and donation tracking and reporting
  • Donor prospect tools
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign creation
  • Volunteer tracking and reporting
  • Event ticket form and online event page creation

Nonprofit also offers the following benefits:

  • Mobile ready donation pages that load quickly
  • One login to view all the essential data with exclusive access
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • No annual contract and easy onboarding
  • Email and letter generating tools
  • One fixed monthly price for as long as the nonprofit wants to use it

With Nonprofix your costs are $79 per month with a $200 one-time fee for migration and setup. There are no lengthy contracts or agreements to sign, and you will use one or all of the features available. The entire purchase and setup process takes less than two hours to install and learn. Their custom onboarding process is streamlined and made easy, which includes importing existing donor data PLUS training.

When an organization signs lengthy, convoluted contracts it can take months to piece together all sorts of components that may or may not work. Teams are left with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in cost, not-to-mention complicated applications with all sorts of passwords. The typical process can be overwhelming and quite often never be deployed.

Nonprofix is a NANOE Member in Good Standing

Just like you, Nonprofix is a NANOE member in good standing and is featured in Downtown NANOE.

Nonprofix also holds NANOE’s Capacity Building Enterprise Medallion.

Nonprofix NANOE Enterprise Member

I’m proud to introduce Nonprofix to my fellow NANOE members and colleagues in service to charity. This CRM solution provides staff and administrators the tools they need to effectively fundraise, and spend more time and money on your important mission. Nonprofix ensures charitable organizations an opportunity to help their communities in a new and better way. I was also moved by the reason they serve charities. Here’s Nonprofix’s statement of mission:

“We shall use the best of our abilities to achieve the greatest prosperity for any nonprofit organization that requests our help, knowing full well that our true customers are the benefactors of that organization.” – Nicole Brose

I look forward to your forthcoming success. I encourage you to setup a demo with Nonprofix today.

Until then I remain,

Sincerely Yours,

NANOE Co-Founder



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