Sharon Redd’s How To Start A Nonprofit The Right Way

how to start a nonprofit organization

Sharon Redd’s How To Start A Nonprofit The Right Way dives into the 7 key positions you need to fill in order to start a successful nonprofit organization.

According to Zippia, there are 1.54 million nonprofits in the US. If you have a passion for charity and a heart for giving, starting a nonprofit can be a great way to capitalize on these traits. You want to help people in need, and you want to use your unique skill set to do so. As is the case with any kind of organization, though, you will need help from a team who will provide support throughout the process. Today, Development Systems International presents some of the people you’ll need to have onboard at your nonprofit.

1. People You Aim to Help

The first and most important consideration of any nonprofit is who you aim to help with your efforts. If you want to help reduce poaching efforts, for example, you should first identify who this problem affects. You should then seek advice from this population and see how to make this issue relevant to local communities.

2. Legal Advisor

When planning the structure of your nonprofit, a legal advisor can help you consider the benefits of being set up as a nonprofit corporation. This structure not only lends credibility to your organization but also makes it easier to apply for grants and public funding. A key step in this process is creating bylaws, which are essential for outlining the operational framework of your nonprofit. These bylaws detail crucial aspects such as how the corporation is governed, the frequency of board meetings, voting procedures, and rules regarding conflicts of interest.

For those looking to streamline this process and save on attorney’s fees, a formation company can be a valuable resource. Companies like ZenBusiness specialize in guiding you through the intricacies of this process. They can help you start a nonprofit with ZenBusiness, ensuring that all legal requirements are met efficiently and accurately, setting a solid foundation for your nonprofit’s future success.

3. Financial Professionals

Too many nonprofits end up in hot water because they fail to comply with the IRS’s strict guidelines for financial management, especially if your nonprofit supports international efforts. You can avoid this quagmire of liability by enlisting help from the appropriate financial professionals. Hiring an accountant or bookkeeper can help you ensure that all operations are compliant with the IRS. A good accountant can also help you manage your books more efficiently, saving your organization time and money.

4. Logistical Managers

When it comes to managing your day-to-day operations, you need a leader — or a team of leaders — who will make sure things go smoothly. Your logistical managers should oversee the rest of the staff and manage the organization’s office operations, too. Philanthropy explains that they may make schedules, handle recruitment and hiring, and perform other essential tasks that keep the organization running like a well-oiled machine.

5. Donor Coordinators

One of the most important positions is the donor coordinator for your nonprofit. Once you’ve hired a logistical manager and a financial professional, you should start recruiting for this position. You want an individual who is peppy, enthusiastic, and passionate about the cause you’re investing in. This job will be responsible for managing all donations and gift-giving. They should coordinate fundraising events, reach out to prospective donors, and maintain relationships with existing donors.

6. Team Strategist

You need staff who tend to the daily tasks of your nonprofit, but you will also need a strategist to help you forecast your organization’s long-term goals. A team strategist will fill this need and provide you with the tools to build sustainability from within. No matter what kind of nonprofit you’re running, you need to be sure that you’ll have the resources to maintain operations in the coming years.

Marketing your nonprofit effectively is key to ensuring a steady flow of donations, and one impactful way to do this is through a well-designed, appealing logo. A strong logo makes an excellent first impression and can significantly enhance your organization’s visibility and brand recognition. In today’s digital age, it helps to have a free logo generator at your disposal. These online tools allow you to design a creative and professional logo on your own, without needing extensive graphic design skills.

You can simply choose a style, select an icon, and add any necessary text. These platforms offer a variety of logo options, enabling you to experiment with different fonts and colors until you find the perfect design that embodies your nonprofit’s mission and values. A compelling logo not only attracts attention but also helps in building a trustworthy brand that resonates with potential donors and supporters.

7. Volunteer Workers

There are many aspects of your nonprofit’s operations that will need to be outsourced to volunteers. Fundraising events, for example, will likely require assistance from a team of volunteers who can coordinate phone campaigns and other efforts. SignUpGenius suggests that you look for volunteers who are genuinely passionate about serving your nonprofit’s purpose.

Other Considerations

Once you have all the team members you need, it’s up to you to run the nonprofit effectively! One way to do so is make sure you have open lines of communication with everyone. You can facilitate this by checking in once in a while. And if your business is in an area with high walkability, you could even try organizing a walkathon — a walk score map makes finding the best potential spots easy.

Create the Infrastructure Your Nonprofit Needs

Running a nonprofit is a major undertaking. Although you need compassion to succeed, compassion alone won’t ensure your success — and you can’t maintain operations on your own. You need a team of adept professionals who will provide your organization with the infrastructure and support it needs to thrive.

Development Systems International is an initiative of the 501(c)(3) corporation National Development Institute that ensures Human Welfare, Health Services, Education, Arts, and Environmental nonprofits have professional access to the Major Gifts Ramp-Up Model. Major Gifts Ramp-Up is used by organizations around the world to raise the millions they need to accomplish their important mission by engaging big gift donors who provide charities the financial-capacity they require to achieve sustainability. Visit our website to learn more!

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