New Guidelines for Nonprofits' Training Course

If you’re passionate about taking charity-to-scale then you’ve come to the right place. New Guidelines for Nonprofits' Training Course has been designed to support you as you achieve your Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE) Credential. Remember, New Guidelines for Nonprofits (NGN) is a 1,100 page desk reference not meant for a one-time sit-down reading! NANOE's training course will provide you a video overview of each guideline (supported by a corresponding NGN booklet) to prepare you FOR YOUR CNE OPEN BOOK EXAM. This multiple-choice offering has been designed to provide you a comprehensive orientation to New Guidelines for Nonprofits. The CNE Exam isn't about passing a test. Rather, it's the process whereby which you become a nationally designated authority in the principles of modern-day nonprofit management.

Please contact, NANOE's Member Relations Director, Lisa Van Zyll at (202) 309-4125 (Monday-Friday Eastern Time) for support or any questions you may have.