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NANOE Enhances Standards of Excellence Accreditation With New Guidelines for Nonprofits

NANOE New Guidelines Assist Standard of Excellence Nonprofits

New Guidelines Assist Standard of Excellence Nonprofits

Dr. Kathleen Robinson, NANOE Program Director, announced today that nonprofit associations, alliances and networks who rely on Standards of Excellence Accreditation will have access to a new study designed to improve their existing sets of best practices. National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE) has overseen the release of New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit – 2nd Edition producing an amplified set of contemporary management processes that enhance organizational success. New Guidelines – 2nd Edition features Six Impact Guidelines that will be disseminated in separate stand-alone 100 page booklets totaling 600 pages of new best practice resources. This five year project culminated in an 18-month peer-review session performed by NANOE’s Board of Governors. Thought-leaders from all fifty-states participated including academicians, donors, volunteers, staff and board members from the health, education, arts, human welfare, environmental and faith sectors. New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit – 2nd Edition is intended to support standards and practices established by the following networks and associations:

  • Alabama Association of Nonprofits | Standards for Excellence®
  • Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance | The Arkansas Diamond Standards™
  • Colorado Nonprofit Association | Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado
  • CT Community Nonprofit Alliance | Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Connecticut
  • Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement | Standards for Excellence®
  • Washington, District of Columbia Nonprofits | Standards for Excellence®
  • Hawai`i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations | Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice
  • Illinois Forefront | Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices
  • Idaho Nonprofit Center | Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice
  • Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center | Iowa Principles and Practices for Charitable Nonprofit Excellence
  • Kentucky Nonprofit Network | Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Kentucky
  • Maine Association of Nonprofits | Guiding Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine
  • Maryland Association of Nonprofits  | Standards for Excellence®
  • Michigan Nonprofit Association | Principles and Practices Guide for Nonprofit Excellence in Michigan
  • Minnesota Council of Nonprofits | Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence
  • Mississippi Center for Nonprofits | Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Management Excellence
  • Montana Nonprofit Association | Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana
  • Nebraska Nonprofit Association of the Midlands| Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence
  • North Carolina Center for Nonprofits | Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence
  • North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations | Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in North Dakota
  • Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits | Standards for Excellence®
  • Oregon Nonprofit Association | Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice
  • Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations | Standards for Excellence®
  • South Carolina Together SC | Guiding Principles and Best Practices
  • Utah Nonprofits Association | Standards of Ethics
  • West Virginia Nonprofit Association | Principles and Practices
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals | Donor Bill of Rights
  • Certified Fund Raising Executives | Donor Bill of Rights
  • National Council of Nonprofits | Standards for Excellence®

NANOE wishes to thank its inaugural Board of Governors for their important contribution to New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit -2nd Edition. NANOE Governor concentrated on their amplifications on what was working and what had failed the charitable sector. Their conclusions resulted in a reduction of NANOE’s original twelve guidelines to a final group of Six Impact Guidelines:

Impact Guideline 1:

Give & Take: Harnessing the Power of Differentiated Relationships

Forget everything you think you know about relationship building and discover how to supercharge connections that turn you into your own personal world-wide association. The secret to sustainable networks is reciprocity! Social, human, and economic capital only flourish when EVERYBODY wins?

Impact Guideline 2:

Strong CEOs: Heroism, Strength, Knowledge, Achievement and Vision

There are those who hold onto power at any cost and then there are those who actually lead. Strong CEOs design heroic missions of scale that inspire donors, staff and volunteers to build high-performing charities that take stakeholders to destinations previously thought impossible.

Impact Guideline 3:

System Shock: New Era Management Structures That Allow Charities to Soar

How must relationships among the CEO, board, donors and for-profit business partners be re-purposed and re-defined? With whom does true decision-making power really reside? What boundaries must be set with board members, staff, donors and the public to ensure CEO effectiveness?

Impact Guideline 4:

Building Capacity: The Relentless Pursuit of Working, Reserve, Legacy, Technology, Facilities and Equipment Capital for Significant Impact.

If you want to run a foodbank out of the back of your mini-van, then have an annual bake sale. If you’re ready to completely eradicate regional hunger prioritize donors over clients, money over mission, and fundraising over programs. Make sure you get everything you need to meet the challenge.

Impact Guideline 5:

Boosting Capacity: Having the Courage to Cultivate Risk, Opportunity & Change Capital for Significant Impact.

How much money does your charity spend on innovation? How much money does your charity spend on research? How much money is your charity willing to spend on failure? Give nonprofits the same investments for-profits use to discover unconventional ways to solve problems and build capacity.

Impact Guideline 6:

Evaluating Impact: Before During and After Strategic Growth Actions

High performing nonprofits evaluate their operations producing data as a basis to test new ideas. What organization-wide exercises could be engaged in to foster creativity? What research measures should be instituted? What monies need to be budgeted to monitor impact.

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National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE) is a nationwide network of donors, volunteers and charitable leaders whose relentless commitment to significant and sustainable impact transforms the communities we serve. NANOE members are innovators who solve problems (not just service them) by deploying heroic missions of scale that confront social and environmental dilemmas so completely that money chases after their every need.

  1. We connect philanthropists, funders and academics to people that transform their worlds;
  2. We create platforms, programs and tools that supercharge financial capacity building;
  3. We form economic impact engines infusing capital into charities to guarantee mission success;
  4. We confront intellectual dishonesty using mass communications to dispel myths and disseminate truth;
  5. We disrupt industry associations, organizations and media outlets whose activities injure nonprofits;
  6. We build personal relationships with leaders that strengthen them and meet their needs;
  7. We establish compensation standards that safeguard the financial success of those employed in our sector;
  8. We credential executives in advanced management models, capacity-building and consulting;
  9. We research and report on scale, sustainability and significant impact;
  10. We host forums, conferences and events on scale, sustainability and significant impact;

NANOE, a 501(c)3 corporation, has unveiled a new and growing set of capacity-building “best practices” that empower nonprofits in ways previously thought to be impossible. These approved techniques are based on field tested university research and have been peer-reviewed by NANOE Governors during NANOE’s Convention & Expo. They have been designed for leaders who have a passion to grow their mission. For more information on NANOE’s Board of Governors’ Convention & Expo please visit our Events Page.

NANOE is the only nationwide membership organization in the U.S. for executives seeking credentials in the art of nonprofit capacity-building. Practitioners who hold a prestigious NANOE credential are “best practice” experts who grow charitable enterprise and discover new ways to advance the common good. For more information on CNE, CDE & CNE credentialing please visit our Credentials Page.

Ultimately, NANOE members believe that “innovation never fears a challenge” and that the greatest contribution nonprofit practitioners can make to charity is to become the creative enterprise-leaders our sector so desperately needs. For more information on how you can join please visit our Membership Page.

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