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Major Gifts Ramp-Up
Virtual Online Event


Money is oxygen. Without it you can't breathe. Is your organization on life support? Are you receiving the air you need to survive the social and economic crisis we're now facing? If you're a nonprofit executive board member, development officer, pastor, volunteer or marketing director it's time for you to RE-IMAGINE PHILANTHROPY in ways that transform both you and your important mission.

If you're ready to flourish before, during and after COVID-19 Major Gifts Ramp-Up is the answer. Learn how to use your existing staff and resources to grow your organization by simply changing the way you function each day. Go from business as usual to fully funded revenues streams that will not only raise money for your immediate needs, but will install a permanent culture of philanthropy within your nonprofit.

Calamities and major downturns in the economy occur every decade. While COVID-19 is unique, what's not unique is how to make it through a crisis. In order for your charity to navigate these unprecedented times and be stronger in the future, here’s what needs to be in place. 1. At least six months operating cash reserves. 2. An unrestricted endowment comprised of at least $500,000. 3. Ongoing, deep relationships with at least 100 major donors. 4. An agile Board made up of only five to seven experts. 5. A robust Case for Support that describes a heroic mission of scale to impact your community. 6. A five year plan for growing impact and revenue.

Major Gifts Ramp-Up Live is not nonprofit management 101! Spend an hour and a half with Bishop Redfern II, Jimmy LaRose, Louis Fawcett and Hall Powell, the fundraising veterans who've raised millions. Redfern, Jimmy, Louis & Hall will be taking your questions and responding to your comments LIVE! Join us to learn how you can build the financial capacity you need to secure your future. This virtual event will challenge everything you believe about the raising of money, and will make five, six and seven figure major gifts available to your nonprofit in the shortest period of time possible.