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Louis Fawcett and Jimmy LaRose contend that the nonprofit sector is ineffective and needs total transformation. RE-IMAGINING NONPROFITS: Turning Your Mess Into a Masterpiece inspires charitable executives to deploy free-market principles we know work in the business sector within nonprofits sector. These changes produce increased efficiency, effectiveness, and most importantly, impact. The book also includes practical tools and case studies to illustrate how these principles can be applied in real-world situations. Overall, RE-IMAGINING NONPROFITS is a thought-provoking and timely book that offers a fresh perspective on how to address society’s most pressing problems. The author provides a roadmap for changing the nonprofit sector into a more dynamic and impactful force for good.

Foundation Pack$623.75 (50% OFF)50 Hardback Copies
Donor Pack$249.50 (50% OFF)20 Hardback Copies
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  1. Chris Burgin

    This book is riveting and frankly, burns like fire. Thankfully, Louis provides salve at the end.
    Chris Burgin

  2. Donna Custard

    …the outset of this book stings, angers and aggravates. Louis forces you to self-reflect, deeply,
    and he will have you shaking your head in agreement page after page.

  3. Jenny Lee, MSW

    Louis Fawcett’s Re-imagining Nonprofits reminds us that a lavish office is not a prerequisite for helping your community and saving lives. The book offers fresh ideas for current and future nonprofit leaders, emphasizing the vital role of donors in driving life-changing work.
    ADMINISTRATIVE OVERHEAD. It’s what nonprofits need most!

  4. George McCanless

    …this is exactly what is needed to unleash charities’ awesome power that continues to be held in check by outdated and very unfair norms and expectations. Louis’ book is the “Jerry McGuire” for the non-profit sector.

  5. Joel Freeman, Ph.D.

    Re-imagining Nonprofits defies convention by first describing the core challenges facing the nonprofit sector and then presenting real world solutions to reform this vital part of our society. Finally, we have a book for nonprofits that is a one size fits all results driven approach.

  6. Carol Young

    …This book will challenge your way of thinking. Be prepared for a paradigm shift, a new way
    of looking at what you do.

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