Ethics + Accountability = Failed Practices

It’s finally arrived. THE VIDEO that explains the HOW, WHAT, WHY & WHERE of NANOE. This is where you’ll discover the many reasons why you’ve joined this prestigious team. Present day Best Practices were written in the late 1960’s by industry associations based on ESTABLISHING ACCOUNTABILITY AND ETHICS. They were created with one thing in mind…how do you stop a nonprofit CEO from embezzling? What would happen if a group of experts started from scratch and wrote a new set guidelines based instead on…ENTERPRISE GROWTH?! You’d raise up a generation of leaders equipped to design heroic missions of scale.

NANOE members believe that “innovation never fears a challenge” and that the greatest contribution nonprofit practitioners can make to charity is to become the creative enterprise-leaders our sector so desperately needs.


  1. Robert Smith says:

    The approach you take (the positive 15%) is a refreshing take on what is usually handled as (the negative 85%)! Also, it is interesting that of all the organisations – only 75 could see the light at the end of this tunnel. This brings to mind several questions I have that probably only relate to the religious donations. What were the others NOT thinking about? Why do we set our sites so low within this arena of funding? How can we overcome the inherent beliefs that hold us back from allowing ourselves to receive massive amounts of funding? I am hopeful that this new vision of how to run an NPO in the 21st century and beyond will bring a new awareness to not only those of us that are part and parcel to the organisation, but also to the donors that hear our plea.

  2. Jimmy LaRose is absolutely brilliant!
    I love him his energy. His knowledge of the industry is beyond reproach.
    His level of intelligence that he brings to the table changes everything in philanthropy.
    Strategically partnering to set the standards of best practice is smart business.
    I have learned so much and have changed my mindset.
    “Just because your a non-profit, it okay to make a profit.”

  3. Wow ! I watched the video a couple of times to understand why their were such a high percentage who failed and the 15% positive outcome . Capacity building is a non profit bible in order to be of greatness! My assumption of the greater good is being in expectation of having faith that the new NPO will set it precedence to donors,philanthropist and the organization . Magnificent Mr. LaRose

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