Charlotte Berry Opens NANOE Board of Governors Nominations Via Nominee Email

NANOE Nominations were opened by NANOE Co-Chair Charlotte Berry to nominees for the stated purpose of thoughtfully reviewing NEW GUIDELINES FOR TOMORROW’S NONPROFIT – 2nd EDITION. NANOE Nominees are subject matter experts recommended by their peers to join a working group of thought-leaders tasked with refining, improving, and strengthening a new set of governing guidelines that supercharge nonprofit capacity-building. Nominees who accept their nomination will be appointed to NANOE’s 2018 Board of Governors and will review, expand and/or redact over 60 key practices that ensure a new set of competencies emerge that increase sector impact.

To MAKE or ACCEPT a nomination please visit

An assignment of this gravity will require contributions from a wide-array of industry professionals from all stations within the public, private and charitable sectors. Vendors, CEOs, staff members, donors, board members and clergy who work or volunteer in the human welfare, education, healthcare, ministry, arts, animals and/or environmental sectors have been nominated.
Ultimately, NANOE Governors’ quantitative study combined with their qualitative contribution will be the basis for over 500 pages of new best practice resources. NANOE Governors professional contribution will be publicly credited to this project ensuring the health and future of the charitable sector.

(NANOE’s Board of Governors is a working group only and is NOT a board of directors.)

2018 Board of Governors Challenge:

NANOE’s 2018 Board of Governors are invited to participate in five meaningful ways.

Read & Review – Participants will be invited to read and review one or more of all Six Impact Guidelines found in New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit – 2nd Edition. Governors will have six months to accomplish this task starting January 1, 2018. They will Read & Review as their schedules allow (complimentary editions of each Impact Guideline can be located in NANOE Central and are provided to GOVERNORS ONLY.)

Facebook Live – Participants will be invited to a 90-minute Facebook Live Video Conference to prepare to add, subtract and redact New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit.

Governors Forum – Participants will be provided password protected access to NANOE’s Governors’ Research Forum to record answers to six questions relating to each guideline(s) they have chosen to review.

Document Review – Participants’ contributions will be incorporated into New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit and then submitted for global distribution.

NANOE Membership – Participants are members of NANOE in good standing and join one of NANOE’s three membership programs within sixty-days of accepting their nomination.

2018 Board of Governors Recognition:

In gratitude for their service NANOE Governors receive:

Governors Service Award – Participants are recipients of NANOE’s 2018 Board of Governors Service Award and are encouraged to reference this achievement in their curricula vitae.

Guidelines Publishing Credit – Participants are publicly recognized with a publishing credit in the final printed guidelines to be distributed to over 700 networks and associations.

Governors’ Thank You – Participants will be issued a Governor’s Brooch to be worn prominently during NANOE Events and will receive VIP treatment and other rewards in gratitude for your service.

Discount Convention Pass – Participants are supplied a 2-Day Convention & Expo Pass for $298 (50% discount.) Member rate is $498 non-member is rate $598.

NANOE Membership Benefits – Participants receive all NANOE Membership benefits including Credentialing Renewal Fees (paid), Download Library, DonorScope List Subscription, Downtown NANOE, 501c3.Buzz Magazine…and More

How Was I Nominated?

NANOE’s working group spent a full year compiling a list of prospective Governors. Nominations were suggested by members of AFP, CFRE, AHP, ASAE, CASE, United Way, National Development Institute, State Associations, Industry Associations, and other community leaders.

Though many nominations were submitted by a variety of sector leaders, it is probable your name was submitted to the Nominations Committee by the working group who identified you as a person who spends their time in service to the charitable sector.

In Closing:

NANOE Governors believe that “innovation never fears a challenge” and that the greatest contribution nonprofit practitioners can make to charity is to become the creative enterprise-leaders our sector so desperately needs.

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  1. Ruth Keenan says:

    After careful consideration, I have decided to accept this nomination. Why?

    In order to advance our success as fundraisers, we need to compile the lessons learned through experience and collaborate with our peers to review existing best practices and discover new and innovative pathways for ourselves and for those who will carry the mantle forward.

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