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Cause Inspired TechSoup Partnership announces a new partnership between two nonprofit industry giants.

SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla., May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cause Inspired & TechSoup recently formed a partnership where Cause Inspired will provide Google Ad Grant Management Services to 1.3 million nonprofit organizations that currently benefit from TechSoup’s products and services. The goal of this collaboration is to help nonprofit organizations enhance their social impact and achieve their missions.

TechSoup is a global leader that equips nonprofits with transformative technology solutions, resources and knowledge, and Cause Inspired is a full-service digital marketing agency, focused on managing nonprofit Google Ad Grants accounts. Cause Inspired has developed various new service-based products around Google Ad Grant Management Services that are tailored to meet the marketing objectives of nonprofits. Through the Google Ad Grant, Cause Inspired will develop marketing campaigns to help nonprofits gain users, develop their donor funnels, foster donor relationships, solicit volunteers, and drive traffic to their events. In addition, TechSoup will continue with its dedication to helping nonprofits maximize any opportunity to grow. This includes the Google Ad Grants, along with access to other marketing resources.

“Cause Inspired Media is excited to be able to partner with such an amazing organization. TechSoup is extremely well known in the nonprofit community for offering nonprofit-friendly pricing on technology, software, and now, Google Ad Grant Management Services. We know that this partnership will greatly impact the nonprofits who are struggling to regain what was lost during the pandemic and who are looking to grow their digital presence. I am proud of the team here at Cause Inspired Media; we have helped thousands of deserving nonprofits.”  – Joshua A. Lusk, CEO – Cause Inspired Media.

“TechSoup is pleased to partner with Cause Inspired Media to pilot four different levels of Google Ad Grant managed service. This is an important area of need that we hear from our nonprofit members and an exciting milestone as we continue to expand our digital communications and marketing services for nonprofit organizations around the world.” – Cameron Jones, Vice President, Technology Solutions & Services, TechSoup

About TechSoup:
Since 1987, TechSoup has provided transformative technology solutions, digital platforms, and in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world. TechSoup manages the only global philanthropy program that brings together more than 825 corporations and foundations to provide technology donations to NGOs everywhere. TechSoup’s data and validation services enable companies, foundations, and governments to connect their philanthropic resources with vetted NGOs around the world. TechSoup has reached more than 1.3 million NGOs and facilitated distribution of technology products and grants valued at more than $16 billion.

About Cause Inspired: 
Cause Inspired works with nonprofits to manage their digital advertising, developing strategic and powerful digital marketing campaigns for nonprofits. With an understanding how goals for nonprofits can differ greatly from those of a traditional for-profit company, Cause Inspired currently serves over 570 nonprofits across the globe. Over the past seven years, they have grown into a global leader in Google Ad Grant management services, custom website development, and digital marketing, as a whole.

For Media Inquiries: 
Cause Inspired Media
904-429-7575 x106
Ashley Popp – Project Architect,  Cause Inspired Media
[email protected]

Deniz Firat – Senior Communications Manager, Corporate Communications
[email protected]


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