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Work With Nonprofits? DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing

Work With Nonprofits? DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing

Work With Nonprofits? DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing is Dr. Kathleen Robinson’s overview of NANOE’s Three-Part Video Series, “DNA for Personal And Organizational Wellbeing.” 

Work With Nonprofits? DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing

Fortify Your DNA For Personal And Organizational Well-being.

At NANOE we know that you want to be live a purpose-driven life. A life that has a strong sense of vision for a better tomorrow for yourself, others, and the environment.  We know you want to do good in such a way that it truly makes a deep, wide, and lasting impact.  We know you want to lead effectively and see your organization grow.  We know you are motivated to make a real difference in this world.

To do that, you need to boost your DNA for personal and professional wellbeing by cultivating a strong sense of individual and corporate purpose, passion, resilience, perseverance, and will power.  Nourish your personal and corporate DNA so that you not only survive but thrive during the good and bad times.

The problem is many leaders who work with nonprofits spend too little time cultivating the basics required for living a meaningful work and personal life.  And we’re not always in control of what happens to us personally or at work.  The national economy has gone through major down turns every 8-10 years for several decade now.  This has left many nonprofits scrambling to survive and trying to simply bounce back to previous financial, operational, and service levels.  Unexpected events personally and professionally present major challenges to anyone’s leadership and wellbeing.


If your DNA for wellbeing is not developed or robust enough to weather difficult personal and corporate hard times, you will feel inadequate and ill-equipped to weather the storm.  When events occur beyond our control, we feel discouraged, fearful, and panicked.  Few will have not experience one of these emotions!  Feeling out of control threatens our sense of efficacy, sense of worth, our satisfaction with our life and work.  We may doubt who and what institutions can be trusted.  Hard times cause some to be very disappointed when they realize people and institutions they thought they could count on let them down.

NANOE knows our individual and corporate lives will be exposed continuously to challenging times that require us to call on existing personal and corporate capacities to weather the bad times, bounce back, and thrive despite difficult circumstances that happen to us.  How we weather and cope with the bad times and come through them even stronger depends on whether we work to develop a healthy DNA to find and maintain our personal and corporate wellbeing. (Philosophical Problem)

We understand that many of you have faced real setbacks during the 2020 and 2021 health and economic storm.  We understand that you may have felt like giving up. We know that some of you had developed a stronger DNA that gave you and your organization the capacity to weather the storm. Some are even thriving despite it all!  We know many are stepping up to support nonprofits and their customers during these difficult times, which gives you hope, support and encouragement. But we also know that the demands placed on nonprofit’s financial, material, and human resources during this difficult period in our national history has been overwhelming.  We know that some nonprofits have had the capacity to change services, operations and draw on existing financial reserves more than others.  We know you have tried your best to weather this current storm personally and corporately as well as you can.

Which is why NANOE has provided you and your leadership with tools, resources, ideas, and supports to weather and thrive during the good and bad times in life.  NANOE wants to provide resources that nourish and boost your DNA for personal and corporate wellbeing.  NANOE supports your personal and organizational capacity building efforts and your individual and corporate desire to achieve significant outcomes and impacts.  NANOE is here to help leaders who work with nonprofits tell your story of impact and to walk alongside you in your quest to develop a strong DNA for personal and organizational wellbeing that equips you to have a meaningful personal, professional, and corporate life.  (Authority)

NANOE does this by:

1.Providing face-to-face and virtual live consultations to support you in specific areas of concern and to guide you to effective practices that stimulate growth and development.

  1. NANOE develops and promotes informative videos that help you develop and clarify your DNA for personal and corporate wellbeing and impact.
  2. NANOE provides tools, ideas, and connection with business, thought, and industry leaders to enhance your knowledge, skills, and performance. NANOE connects members with people and organizations that can assist and support members’ efforts to build and boost their DNA for personal and corporate wellbeing.
  3. NANOE team members practice gratitude for you, thought leaders, and business partners who desire to support your efforts to cultivate a strong, effective DNA for personal and corporate wellbeing. NANOE develops reciprocal relationships with business leaders who can bring needed resources to NANOE’s members needed for growth and impact.


A Call to Action:  Build and boost your DNA for personal and corporate wellbeing.  Institute activities that build and boost your DNA.  Encourage and support work associates to do the same.  Foster DNA capacity building throughout your organization.  Work on enhancing vital areas of your organization that develop, sustain, and advance DNA capacities.  Allocate time within the organization to reflect on present DNA capacity and select key areas that can be enhanced.  Continuously build and improve your DNA.  As times change, you change, others change, institutions change, the nature and extent of your DNA must change too.  Now is the time to get back to basics so that you thrive personally and together not just struggle to survive.

And in the meantime, start by viewing NANOE’s video series on The DNA for Personal and Organizational Wellbeing.  Take a few of the suggestions and put them into practice. Discuss key ideas from the videos with colleagues at work and with your family and friends.

Doing nothing to improve yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and actions is a setup for a life that is less satisfying and meaningful.  It is a set up for an organization that does not handle internal or external crises well.  When we stop consciously thinking about and enhancing our individual and corporate DNA for wellbeing, we experience more depression, guilt, anxiety, sleeplessness, and a variety of other very unhealthy effects.  How we relate to customers, co-workers, volunteers, contributors, community leaders is greatly affected by our sense of wellbeing, our sense of worth, our sense of efficacy.  When DNA is inadequate, it affects our nonprofit’s culture, climate, worker engagement and satisfaction, and retention.   (Failure)

Build and boost a robust personal and corporate DNA for wellbeing. Build your DNA together with those who wish you well in your efforts!  NANOE is here to support your plans for development.  NANOE is here to help you thrive during the bad times as well as when things are ok!

View and Discuss:

The DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing Series Found on NANOE’s website.

Part One: Cultivate Purpose  

       Part Two: Cultivate Passion Related to Purpose & Thereby Fortify Your Perseverance

       Part Three: Based on Part One and Two Learn Resilience Strategies and Focus Your Will Power On

 Things Related to Your Purposes and Passions.


During her fifty-five-year career, Dr. Robinson worked in community and regional support systems development for at-risk families, children and youth organizations, community-based literacy systems, holistic family centers and nonprofit human services organizations. In addition, her focus has been on systems-based approaches to community planning and policy development, and social impact assessments of various community change projects. Her expertise is rural, integrated community development. Dr. Robinson previously served as Director of the Center on Neighborhood Development and the Director of the Center on Nonprofit Leadership within the Institute on Families and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University. She also co-led in the development of the Institute’s PHD program in International Family and Community Studies. She is also the Co-Founder of the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives. Simply put, Kathleen knows how to work with nonprofits

Work With Nonprofits? DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing was first released by NANOE NEWS

Work With Nonprofits? DNA For Personal & Organizational Wellbeing was authored by Kathleen Robinson and posted by Jimmy LaRose.

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