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DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing – Kathleen Robinson

Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing Kathleen Robinson

DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing – Kathleen Robinson is Dr. Robinson’s take on what the charitable sector has faced and will face for years to come. The DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing is a three-part video series and can be located in NANOE’s Impact Video Library.Here’s what she has to share about this important new resource:

2020 and 2021 have taught many nonprofit leaders that the time to build capacity to weather major financial and organizational crises is before they occur!  It has taught many of us that we want to build greater capacity to handle more effectively personal, relational, financial and community crises.  Having both the personal and organizational capacities to weather the good and bad times are essential to our personal and organizational wellbeing and a more meaningful life.

The DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing is a three-part video series that explores the fundamentals of creating, maintaining, re-defining, and re-developing your personal sense of purpose, passion, your ability to be resilient, persevere, and truly commit to doing what you desire to do.

DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing – Kathleen Robinson

We all know in both our personal lives as well as our work life that what we will to do, we do not always do.  Things about our personal and organizational life that we know we need to work on often get shoved aside with the tyranny of the seemingly urgent!  However, how we handle personally and organizationally the urgent, the crisis, and the good times are reliant on the clarity of our individual and corporate life purposes and passions, our current capability to be resilient in an ever-changing environment, to persevere when the going gets rough as well as being steadfast in our resolve during the good times when it is easy to put off what we know we need to do to improve our health and wellbeing.  Whether it be losing weight or building a robust fundraising or evaluation capacity in our organization, the same DNA elements are involved.  And we may want to make necessary, positive personal and organizational changes but do not exercise the will power needed to really make the change, to be steadfast in our commitment!  We simply do not do what we know we need to!  You may say ‘that’s life!”  BUT it does not need to be that way and is not what will produce a meaningful life personally or at work.

The DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing explores how to develop, clarify, maintain, and re-define your personal and your organization’s DNA for wellbeing.  The videos take us back to the basics, the foundational understandings of how to live a purpose-driven life at home and at work.  It provides basic things that you can do personally and that your organization can do corporately to bring positive change, joy, satisfaction, wellbeing, and greater meaning to your personal and organizational life.

The most effective nonprofit leaders have mastered these fundamentals.  As a result, their workplaces are playgrounds of innovation rather than battlegrounds of survival.  People show up with their heart, head, and hands!  Staff and volunteers associated with nonprofits with a robust DNA flourish, are more productive, stay longer, and accomplish positive results at a greater scale and impact.

With this unusual time in our nation’s history, we have new opportunities to examine our personal and organizational capacity to not only survive but to thrive.  Now is the time to work on your personal and organizational DNA in order to come through 2020-2021 with new capacities, a renewed sense of direction, a renewed sense of commitment to do what we individually and corporately are called to do personally and professionally.

The DNA For Personal And Organizational Nonprofit Wellbeing is a three-part video series and can be located in NANOE’s Impact Video Library.

Part 1: Purpose

Part 2: Passion

Part 3 Resilience, Perseverance, Will Power

The discussion on each of the five DNA elements is approximately 30 minutes long.  We hope you will view them to work on your personal life, as well as use them during staff and leadership meetings to discuss where staff and the organization stands on each element.

We encourage each of you to personally and corporately re-examine and renew your individual and corporate understanding of that which you love, value and believe, that which the world needs, that which you can get paid for, and that which you are good at!  In essence become purpose-driven in life and at work.  Transform your nonprofit into a purpose-driven body of staff and volunteers that thrives during both the good and bad times in life.

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