Meet Jimmy LaRose NANOE Co-Founder & Champion

Ladies and gentlemen please meet Jimmy LaRose. Some of you may know the name Patrick Henry. Some of you are familiar with Crispus Attucks. Some of you may know, “give me liberty or give me death.” Perhaps, you know, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison or even the name Steve Jobs. These are men who fomented a revolution and changed the way we do things. At every one of these junctures, life was different for all mankind. We could not go back. Today we will meet and work with such a person who will change the way we do business forever. If you are the director of a non-profit organization, working too hard, working too long and not receiving enough compensation, if you are giving your best and hard to attract staff, well, today that ends. We break the mold and start the revolution and the man who’s been formulating this for over twenty five years, let’s welcome him now, Mr. Jimmy LaRose.

Meet Jimmy LaRose
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Jimmy LaRose (born September 2, 1967) is an American entrepreneur and author. He has been recognized for his unique theory specific to nonprofit management. His views are that board members should indeed be compensated to drive the success of a nonprofit. He has also created notable controversy around how nonprofits should be considered under a 501c status if their staff and administrators are provided bonuses and increased pay. He is the co-founder of NANOE (National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives), [1] National Development Institute, [2] and architect of the Major Gifts Ramp-Up™ Donor Cultivation Model & Online Cloud.

Early Life and Education

Jimmy was born to Joseph and Sharon LaRose in 1967. He is a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute, Schroon Lake, NY. Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN, National Planned Giving Institute, Memphis, TN and Indiana University’s Executive Leadership Program, Indianapolis, IN. LaRose received his Doctorate in Philanthropic Studies from Ecumenical University. He was ordained as a minister of the gospel by the Ecumenical Church of Christ in further support of his service to the hurting and hopeless around the world.


LaRose has primarily worked in the charitable and nonprofit sector and is recognized as a veteran authority in nonprofit management. Jimmy has served as a specialist with the U.S. State Department’s Speakers Bureau [3] promoting philanthropy and civil society in developing countries. LaRose founded and is CEO of both Development Systems International and PAX Global ensuring nonprofits have professional access to major gifts fundraising. He’s launched two media outlets Inside Charity and 501c3.Buzz to disseminate truth and combat dishonesty in the nonprofit media market. He was the founding President of the Western Maryland Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and AFP’s 2007 Outstanding Fundraiser of the Year. [4]


LaRose is the founder of a nationwide movement to establish December as National Giving Month™ inviting the U.S. Government to declare, “December Giving Makes Us Human.”[5]


LaRose, Jimmy (2015) RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY: Charities Need Your Mind More Than Your Money. National Development Institute; ISBN 978-0692358016 RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY [6][7] is based on a thesis about how charities are better served by prioritizing donors and volunteers rather than individuals receiving services. LaRose has published New Guidelines for Nonprofits with Dr. Kathleen Robinson.[8]

Film & Television

Jimmy LaRose is featured in Who Cares TV, [9] a thirteen-episode series produced by CineVantage productions that follows LaRose around the world as he uncovers problems and provide solutions to our planet’s greatest conflicts.
The documentary film BROKEN FOR GOOD: The Way Charity Works in the United States of America [10] is currently in development and is based on LaRose’s career and his book RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY.


LaRose’s detractors accuse him of damaging the charitable sector when he confronts nonprofit board structures, [11] [12] feasibility study consultants [13] [14] [15], and vast array of corruption within nonprofit association networks. [16]

Personal Life

He is married to Kristi LaRose and makes his home in Lexington, SC.


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Meet Jimmy LaRose

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