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Leadership Lounge With Marlowe Foster

Leadership Lounge with Marlowe Foster is a super podcast that highlights the needs, dreams, dysfunction and unlimited potential of the nonprofit sector. Here’s what Marlowe Foster has to share about his Leadership Lounge!

“I’m right….No, I’m right….”

“We need a new mission…..No, we need more money…”

“The system is broken.”

“We can’t even get help to those in need.”

“I am so discouraged by our leaders, I can’t focus on anything else.

“I am totally dejected.”

“They are all crooks!”

I say enough is enough. Most of my career has been spent interacting with elected officials and serving nonprofit organizations. Whether you are in charitable nonprofit service or elected leader public service, the conversations are often the same:

1. How do we best tackle a problem for the public good?

2. How do we best use our resources to help the most people?

3. What is our true mission and how do we stay focused?

4. How do we continue to inspire and press forward against insurmountable odds?

5. How can we leverage resources to get the money we need to succeed?

6. What roles do each of the sectors of civil society (public, private, nonprofit) play in this endeavor?

Enter the Leadership Lounge with Marlowe Foster. The Leadership Lounge is a podcast that tackles leadership issues with nonprofit executives and political officials. Encouraging deep and rigorous thought, The Lounge challenges listeners to think in innovative ways and not succumb to “the way we have always done things,” especially when that way has NOT been working.

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Leadership Lounge Marlowe Foster


The Leadership Lounge with Marlowe Foster doesn’t place one charitable cause over another or one political party over another. The Lounge respects a variety of opinions and perspectives, understanding that there can be honest philosophical and approach disagreements, while still trying to achieve similar results. The Lounge begins with this perspective: we are all trying to further the common good and people, regardless of their background or perspective, have the best of intentions. Yes, we know there are exceptions, but we believe the vast majority of our fellow citizens want the best for their families, their communities and our nation.

The Leadership Lounge with Marlowe Foster is a forum for listeners to hear real, tough discussions on leadership from those trailblazers who seek to shake-things-up and find solutions through creativity and extraordinary determination.

The Fall Season includes interviews with Louis Fawcett, President of the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives where he discusses the real challenges nonprofits face in the current environment including building fundraising capacity, board development, and the best way to weave social media into your nonprofit mission. We also hear from Raymond Pierce, President and CEO of the Southern Education Foundation who discusses the history of minority educational attainment in the United States and how his foundation is working for change. Then we shift topics to hear from Deborah Ross, former member of the North Carolina House of Representatives who will discuss the challenges of bi-partisanship in the current environment and how she crossed party lines to address transportation issues in North Carolina for the public good. Finally, we hear from Bob Luddy, President of CaptiveAire and a passionate advocate for education reform in North Carolina. He discusses the building of a unique and innovative charter and private school network in North Carolina where the STUDENT (not administration) is the primary focus.

The Leadership Lounge is not just another list of things you need to do to be a good leader. The Lounge is not a platform for one perspective or idealistic position. The Lounge is not a bunch of talking heads. Rather, you will hear from real leaders tackling real issues and being frank about the good, the bad and the ugly of the world today. You will also hear solutions for tomorrow.

Through our nonprofit and public service there is within all of us the capacity to deliver positive change in our communities. We are going to hear from some of the best. Welcome to the Leadership Lounge with Marlowe Foster.

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