HotelPlanner Provides NANOE Members Discounted Travel

HotelPlanner Provides NANOE Members Discounted Travel celebrates National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives newest enterprise member HotelPlanner! Here’s what Wayne Robbins has to share about nonprofit executives’ personal and professional travel in 2022.

2022 is the year of the travel comeback. As we emerge from the pandemic, HotelPlanner remains confident in people’s desire to visit friends and family, conduct business, and explore new horizons. Based upon current levels of demand for travel and hotel stays, we anticipate a return to pre-pandemic levels of travel by the end of this year, if not sooner. For example, Florida has already surpassed pre-pandemic travel & hospitality spending levels, and more states will be announcing the same in the coming weeks and months, as more people feel comfortable traveling again.


We’re also seeing what we believe is a permanent shift toward more remote workers, or ‘digital nomads,’ who want to work from anywhere and are booking more extended hotel stays as they travel from city to city.

HotelPlanner Provides NANOE Members Discounted Travel

HotelPlanner NANOE Members Discounted Travel Pictures NANOE

Additionally, there are now about 135 countries welcoming vaccinated Americans to their shores. Millions of Americans with increased disposable income and renewed wanderlust are now booking epic and exotic foreign trips. In 2021, we witnessed the return of the ‘Great American Road Trip,’ as millions visited National Parks and other popular destinations with their friends and family, a trend that is likely to stay. And we just saw a very strong holiday travel season with more than 110 million Americans traveling, with many hotels reporting full occupancy. We believe the tide has now shifted from a ‘wait and see’ approach to a ‘living and traveling with Covid’ mindset.

The travel tailwinds for 2022 all remain strong, despite high inflation, supply chain challenges and geo-political concerns in Eastern Europe. For example, according to Destination Analysts, about 90% of Americans plan to travel this year.  And the average traveler plans to spend about $2500 on their vacation this year.  So, we’re seeing a trend of ‘Go Big’ or ‘It’s Now or Never’ type of revenge travel after two years of pent up demand and increased disposable income.

Importantly, last November the U.S. lifted restrictions for travelers from 33 countries that had been unable to visit American shores, another positive sign. The travel and hospitality recovery is expected to be led by tech-savvy travelers with more disposable income, which we anticipate will drive higher occupancy rates, higher daily room rates and higher revenue per available room.

We believe these positive tailwinds represent a lasting change for the travel and hospitality industry, and HotelPlanner is already taking advantage of this market opportunity through well-timed innovations and partnerships.  Now is the time to BOOK YOUR VACATION AT NANOE!

Don’t forget, this about both your personal and organization plans. What should you be thinking about in 2022?

  • Meetings and events
  • Educational related group travel
  • Weddings (both local and destination)
  • Family vacations and reunions
  • Holiday parties and banquets with hotel accommodations
  • Group excursions
  • Special events like educational travel or experiential travel

Additionally, your organization could expand the offerings on the portal to include:

  • Flights
  • Car rentals (wholesale rates)
  • Airport transfers (US only)
  • Any other travel related to the your organization partners
  • Travel activities, excursions, tickets, and other local discounts


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