Honnie Korngold – Broken for Good

Meet Honnie Korngold at NANOE’s 2017 Board of Governors Convention & Expo March 7-8 in Columbia, South Carolina. Hollywood Film Producer Honnie Korngold has announced CineVantage Productions will host a sneak peek of the new documentary film BROKEN for GOOD at NANOE’s inaugural convention & expo March 7, 2017 in Columbia, SC. BROKEN for GOOD takes the general public on a wild ride into the upside down world of nonprofit management. Hailed as both provocative and uplifting Korngold uses an “emperor has no clothes” approach to confront the “crazy-making” that’s paralyzed the charitable sector for the past fifty years. Relying on vivid story-telling BROKEN for GOOD “challenges the existing order of things” inspiring society to solve global problems by first transforming the nonprofits in whom they invest.


  1. Jamie Skinner says:

    Hello, I run a small 501C3 in Utah. I just watched Poverty, Inc and was very interested in how to run a charity and donate to charities without contributing to the problem. I would like to watch your documentary. How can I watch the entire documentary?

  2. Susan Graham says:

    Hi Honnie,
    I met you at the conference in Columbia, SC. I am starting a new non-profit and mentioned to you that our non-profit would like to follow the new advice from NANOE. We would be really interested in being a pilot from formation to success. Could you please email me with your contact information so we can reconnect? My email is [email protected].
    Looking forward to working together,
    Susan (aka MamaSue)

  3. Anita Carman says:

    Could you tell me if the documentary Broken for Good is available for purchase? I would like to host a viewing of it for an audience in Houston Texas. Our organization has always gone against the grain and adhered to many of the points you made in your documentary. For our executive and lead positions we hire top performers from corporate America who are called by God to change our world. What a breath of fresh air to know we are not alone in our thinking. Thank you so much for this documentary.

  4. Bob Brabham says:

    Hello Honnie & welcome to South Georgia. My name is Bob Brabham, I am the producer of practically all the “Slinky-Toy” commercials you have ever seen as a kid, and am w screenplay writer, a song writer for Charlie rich, the spinners, Bill Anderson, and I was the on air promotion manager of the Nashville network during the early. 1980’s. I had a premier of the stage musical, “Slinky, The Musical” year before last to sell out audiences! I have produced tons of national toy commercials and jingles over the past twenty tears, and I am still active. I would love to meet you in person. You can get an idea of my work by going to You Tube and putting in “Slinky, the Musical” You’ll see a short video of demo about the show. Hope to hear from you when it’s convenient. Best Wishes, & welcome to “Dosta Town” !! My land line number here is 229-244-3040. Would love to hear from you. Sincerely, – Bob Brabham

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