Great Dreams & Sound Plans

“There will always be generous people who will amply support your great dream if it’s backed by a sound plan.” – Jimmy LaRose


Here at NANOE thought-leaders exchange new ideas and begin the important work of designing heroic missions of scale that transform everything. Together we will chart a course to eradicate all existing and future problems within the social, environmental, health and education sectors across our great land and around the world! That’s what I call a GREAT DREAM.


Capacity-building is the key to achieving vision. What resources do you need to eradicate all existing and future problems? NANOE provides nonprofit executives the capacity building training, credentials, tools and networks they require to realize their important mission. NANOE is where charity goes to grow! We give you what you need to design a sound plan.


NANOE has established a national Board of Governors comprised of leading practitioners, scholars, funders, policy makers and advocates to oversee the creation of a new set of universal governing best practices for charity. This project has been undertaken so that pressing social and environmental problems are able to be solved at significant enough scale to eradicate major issues.

NANOE Governors have endorsed the following plan to achieve this goal:

Thorough exploration and critical review of relevant capacity-building theory and existing research.

Wide-ranging consultation with practitioners to expand an understanding of how capacity-building initiatives put into practice actually work.

Performance of new university led surveys within the public, private and nonprofit sectors

A commitment to an inclusive, open, participatory process for input and feedback from groups of practitioners, scholars, funders and advocates in the field.

NANOE Governors believe that “innovation never fears a challenge” and that the greatest contribution nonprofit practitioners can make to charity is to become the creative enterprise-leaders our sector so desperately needs.

Jimmy LaRose
NANOE Founder

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