Datasource Provides Nonprofits Background Screening Services

Datasource Provides Nonprofits Background Screening Services overviews Jimmy LaRose’s recent experience performing nonprofit employee and volunteer background checks with the team at Datasource .

I recently had the privilege of performing a nationwide executive search to install a new CEO for a exceptional nonprofit that serves women who have survived the horrors of sex-trafficking. Their program is unique and their clients are very special.

An important part of my interview process involved hiring the right agency to perform comprehensive background checks on each candidate PLUS I wanted to make sure each potential hire understood the crucial role background screening would play in their position as CEO.

With these concerns in mind I turned to Datasource – NANOE’s EXCLUSIVE BACKGROUND SCREENING SERVICE PROVIDER!

I asked their team of veterans what should a new CEO know about background screening. They shared with me the top five reasons why nonprofit CEO’s should make screening services a permanent part of their annual budget.

Datasource Provides Nonprofits Background Screening Services

1. Criminal Histories Aren’t Always Enough: Using online search tools for a criminal history can cause all sorts of trouble. Team members with no HR training may discover information that is ineligible for consideration. Charities could be exposed to claims of discrimination or privacy breaches. Organizations who work with screening professionals eliminate this risk.

2. Volunteers Can Cause Harm: Every charity wants to create a welcoming environment that promotes volunteerism. However, the havoc that can be wrought by a well-meaning volunteer can be catastrophic. Anyone associated with your organization should be subject to a background check as part of the on-boarding process. Failing to properly screen can result in dire consequences, including criminal behavior.

3. Nonprofits Need Protection Against Liability: When CEO’s fail to properly screen charities can be held liable for negligent hiring. Courts have ruled repeatedly that nonprofits must use reasonable care in bringing on team members. Working with a firm like Datasource ensures you uncover the potential risks of working with a particular volunteer or employee. It also provides you a much needed paper trail proving that you exercised reasonable care in hiring and volunteer operations.

4. Regulations and Tools Constantly Change: Laws that affect background screenings constantly change at the local, state and federal level which can create headaches for nonprofit managers. Social media also has created a rapidly changing landscape for background screenings exposing nonprofits to legal problems if team members view protected information. Working with professionals like Datasource ensures that your organization complies with all laws and regulations.

5. Screenings Help Nonprofits Succeed: Nonprofit background checks can help bolster organizational success in a variety of ways. Screening lowers costs by hiring employees who stay longer. Background screens also help minimize losses due to fraud and theft (along with the litigation that often accompanies such negative events.) In addition, your organization may benefit from lower insurance costs as you take advantage of discounts for certain types of screenings.

Simply put, Datasource will protect your reputation, your staff, your board and your mission. They make sure you run the right background checks before, during and after strategic hiring decisions.

As you can imagine, I highly recommend Datasource.

P.S. Datasource is NANOE’s exclusive background screening agency and serves nonprofit organizations, ministries and churches across the U.S.

Datasource Provides Nonprofits Background Screening Services

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