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BROKEN FOR GOOD Documentary Reveals Why Charities Are Poor

BROKEN FOR GOOD: The Way Charity Works in the United States of America is a full length documentary film in its third year of production and will open in theaters in Spring 2021. Broken for Good (BFG) was slated for a much earlier release but had to be extended because of the myriad of revelations the film’s script writers uncovered during their investigation of nonprofit management. What was once a 2 year film shoot has turned into a 5 year passion project, in part, because of the vitriolic response the charitable sector has had to this expose. Specific groups whose products, practices and ideology have been placed under the microscope in this documentary include:

  • Top Ten Nonprofits in the U.S.
  • Nonprofit News & Media Outlets
  • For-Profit Firms Selling Nonprofit Products
  • State & National Nonprofit Associations
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Networks

One of the more glaring discoveries was how in the mid-90s a wave of nonprofit networks were established whose sole and only customers were OTHER NONPROFITS. Over 200 popped up across the U.S. What’s worst is a third layer of nonprofit associations were formed whose sole and only customers were the nonprofit networks whose sole and only customers were those OTHER NONPROFITS. Tragically, the products, solutions and so-called “best practices” these groups keep selling to charities have prevented 501c3 organizations from going to scale and reaching their true potential.

Simply put, BROKEN FOR GOOD has uncovered mismanagement at the highest levels of sector leadership. BFG’s Movie Trailer is featured on the National Association of Nonprofit Organization & Executives (NANOE) homepage and can be VIEWED HERE

BROKEN FOR GOOD is based, in part, on the research and writings of professor Kathleen Robinson & author Jimmy LaRose. Also featured prominently in this documentary are Melinda Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dan Pallotta of the Charity Defense Council, Juanita Wheeler of Full & Frank, Nat Ware of 180 Degree Consulting and Diana Ruano of the UN Refugee Agency.

To learn more about Kathleen Robinson VISIT HERE

To learn more about Jimmy LaRose VISIT HERE

Broken for Good is based, in part, on the research and writings of Kathleen Robinson & Jimmy LaRose.

Broken for Good is based, in part, on the research and writings of Kathleen Robinson & Jimmy LaRose.

Despite the histrionic “push back” coming from the groups, individuals and media outlets placed in the spotlight over 16,000 donors, volunteers and execs have expressed their excitement about Broken for Good’s Movie Trailer. Here’s what they had to say:

“Jumping up and down screaming ‘Watch this trailer’ Calling all CEOs and Board Members to rethink our “service” priorities. Something has got to change AND THIS IS IT!” – Trey Bynum‏ – YouTube Review

“Our nonprofit is almost 45 years old and we are now just realizing the importance of investing back into the organization. Don’t make the mistake of prioritizing ‘people in need’ over ‘people who pay’ You have to have both.” – Arlene Ramirez‏ – YouTube Review

“People who manage charities need to be paid decent salaries, and administrative costs of nonprofits need to be as high as necessary to accomplish the mission of the organization.” John Ikerd – YouTube Review

“Fabulous! Spot on! Well done! I’ve been writing about this for years. Current funding models are disingenuous and perpetuate the Overhead Myth.” Claire Axelrad – YouTube Review

“Awesome and real! This problem gets worse as you go down the supply chain in the development enterprise. Nonprofits will never be strong and vibrant when innovation is strangled! Thank you so much for this movie!” – Bill Willingham – YouTube Review

BROKEN FOR GOOD takes viewers on a wild ride into the upside down world of nonprofit dysfunction. BFG’s “emperor has no clothes” approach confronts the fraud that’s kept the Non-Profit Sector a Non-Growth Sector for over five decades. BFG’s producers courageously challenge convention inspiring viewers to solve problems by first confronting the nonprofits in whom they invest.


  1. kim says:

    can we purchase the movie before release?

  2. Bryan says:

    When will the film be released? Will it be in theaters or some other venue?

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