2017 Board of Governors Convention & Expo


You’re invited to join a close-knit group of SUPER PRACTITIONERS for a personal development challenge worthy of your tenure and experience. You’ve been specially selected to participate in a 2-Day professional encounter that’s been designed for people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world. (They’re the ones who actually do!)

Together, we’ll tackle a new set of guidelines that super-charge nonprofit capacity-building. It’s meant to equip you with a powerful new ability to design heroic missions of scale that eradicate problems around the globe. The skills we’ll discover together won’t come by listening to tired seminar presenters but rather…they’ll come from the minds of thought-leaders just like you.

Please join us for an Adult-Continuing Education Experience OF A LIFE-TIME in Columbia, SC on March 7th & 8th for NANOE’s 2017 Board of Governors Capacity-Building Convention & Expo. Experience four huge Rock Star Keynote Addresses, participate in 12 Super Networking Topic Groups, and personally connect with the industry leaders who defied convention and transformed the charitable sector!


  1. K. Brown says:

    I am getting excited about attending a conference for nonprofits that has the end goal of solving problems, not just working on them. NANOE has a plan to get this done. I want to hear what they have to say!

  2. Manuela Hernandez Delgado-Thompson (Manni) says:

    Im really excited and honored to be attending the
    convention & expo. I work for a non-profit and
    I volunteer for many. I can’t wait..
    What did you mean you’ll have an area for us to
    Set up?

  3. Lea Peters says:

    Well done – wish I were Stateside and could attend. Blessings!!! Lea Peters

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