National Association of Nonprofit
Organizations & Executives

Congratulations on your nomination to NANOE's Board of Governors. The information below was especially prepared for NANOE Nominees.

1What is NANOE?
NANOE is a nationwide network of nonprofit executives who design heroic missions of scale that solve problems so completely, money chases after them.
2Is NANOE a charity?
Yes. NANOE is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)3 charity incorporated by a nationwide Board of Directors in Washington, D.C.
3Who started NANOE?
NANOE is the culmination of a multi-year effort by administrators, donors, academicians and volunteers from Clemson University (CU) and National Development Institute (NDI).
4What is a Governor?
NANOE governors are volunteers, donors, academicians, practitioners and for-profit service providers who work in the human welfare, education, healthcare, arts, animals, environmental, ministry and church sectors.
5What do Governors do?
NANOE’s Governors will review, expand and/or redact 75 key practices outlined in “New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit - Second Edition”
6Why was I nominated?

Your name was submitted to the Nominations Committee because you spend your vocational or volunteer time as a…

  1. ...Staff Member, Senior Executive or Consultant at a for-profit company that provides products or services to charitable organizations.
  2. ...Staff Member, Senior Executive or Consultant at a government agency that serves the human welfare, education, healthcare, arts, animals, environmental and/or public benefit sectors.
  3. ...Staff Member, Senior Executive or Board Member at a foundation or corporation that makes gifts or grants to charitable organizations.
  4. ...Staff Member, Senior Executive or Consultant, Donor, Volunteer or Board Member at a nonprofit organization that serves the human welfare, education, healthcare, arts, animals, environmental and/or public benefit sectors.
7Who nominated me?

NANOE's working group spent a full year compiling a list of prospective Governors. Nominations were suggested by members of AFP, CFRE, AHP, ASAE, CASE, United Way, National Development Institute, State Associations, Industry Associations, and other community leaders.

Though many nominations were submitted by a variety of sector leaders, it is probable your name was submitted to the Nominations Committee by the working group who identified you as a person who spends their time in service to the charitable sector.

8I’m interested. What's involved?
  1. Read & Review – You’re invited to read and review New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit - Second Edition (a complimentary copy is provided to GOVERNORS ONLY.)
  2. Facebook Live - You and your fellow governors will be invited to a 90-minute Facebook Live Video Conference to prepare you to add, subtract and redact New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit.
  3. Online Governors Forum – You’ll be provided password protected access to NANOE’s Governors’ Forum to record answers to six questions relating to the guideline(s) you’ve chosen to review.
  4. Document Review – Your contribution will be incorporated into New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit and submitted to you in advance of global distribution.
  5. NANOE Membership – All NANOE Governors are members of NANOE in good standing and join one of NANOE’s three membership programs within sixty-days of accepting their nomination.
9How do I personally benefit?
  1. Continuing Education - Members of the Board of Governors experience an education challenge worthy of their tenure led by accomplished best practice experts.
  2. Super Networking - Members of the Board of Governors become connected to the industry champions who challenged the status quo and ushered in a new era of sector transformation.
  3. Governors Service Award - You will be the recipient of NANOE’s Board of Governors Service Award and are encouraged to reference this achievement in your curricula vitae.
  4. Guidelines Publishing Credit - You will be publicly recognized with a publishing credit in the final printed guidelines to be distributed to over 700 networks and associations.
  5. Discount Convention Pass - 2-Day Convention & Expo Access Pass will be made available to you for only $198 (50% discount.) Regular member rate is $398 non-member is rate $498.
  6. Governors Honors – You will be issued a Governor’s Brooch to be worn prominently during convention and will receive VIP treatment and and other rewards in gratitude for your service.
10How many people will serve?
NANOE's working group determined that a credible peer review of New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit - Second Edition will require at least 1,000 participants.
11I’m interested. What's the cost?
Governors are members in good standing of NANOE. Membership dues are as low as $100 per year and include hundreds of capacity-building resources used to ensure your financial sustainability. Please visit to learn more.
12Are Governors Part of a Board of Directors?
No, NANOE's Board of Governors is a working group only and is NOT a board of directors. NANOE’s Board of Governors have no fiduciary oversight or legal responsibilities.
13Who is Bishop Redfern II?
Bishop Redfern II, presiding bishop of the Ecumenical Church of Christ, is NANOE’s founding Board Chair. Redfern, has been recognized multiple times for his service to community causes and was named Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. His track record of creating sustainable enterprise models for global corporations is the basis of his passion for NANOE and its members. Please visit to learn more.
14Who is Charlotte Berry?
Charlotte Berry is the co-chair of NANOE’s Board of Governors Nominations Committee. For over six decades, Philanthropist Charlotte Berry has championed the displaced, disenfranchised and disaffected peoples of our Nation and world. Her personal giving and service to the national boards of the United Way of America, the American Red Cross, National Development Institute, Women in Philanthropy (and dozens more) have earned her the title “America’s Volunteer” which she uses to inspire others to greater personal service to important causes and people in need. Please visit to learn more.
15Who is Tracy Ebarb?
Tracy Ebarb is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with over 30 years of nonprofit management and ministry experience. He holds all three NANOE Credentials including Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), Certified Development Executive (CDE) and Certified Nonprofit Consultant (CNC), and has spent his entire career working to improve charitable capacity- building and the changing philanthropic landscape. Please visit to learn more.
16Who is Kathleen Robinson?
Kathleen Robinson is NANOE's Program Director and was recognized by National Development Institute “as one of the most important charitable thought-leaders of the modern era.” Kathy Robinson, is our Nation’s leading expert in 501(c)3 sector development and has testified before the U.S. Congress, the United Nations and consults with governments, private sector and NGOs in 151 countries. Her command of the history and formation of the charitable sector is the basis for NANOE’s credentialing program which she coordinates. Please visit to learn more.
17Do I have to attend Convention & Expo to be a Governor?
No, many Governors will contribute to this important project using NANOE's Online Governor's Research Forum and will not attend the Convention & Expo.
18I don’t work for a nonprofit. Am I still invited to serve?
Yes. The process of organizing a new set of guidelines will require leaders from all sectors of civil society including government, for-profit businesses, corporations, foundations and nonprofits.
19Can I nominate someone else to serve on NANOE’s Board of Governors?
Yes, visit to start the process.
20I received an email that was meant for someone else. May I still be nominated?
Yes, visit to start the process.
21I’ve changed jobs and now work at a different organization. May I still join the Board of Governors?
Yes, visit to start the process.
22I live in a different country. Am I eligible to join the Board of Governors.
Yes, visit to start the process.
23Can more than one person from my organization serve?
Yes, visit to start the process.
24How do I join NANOE?
Please visit to learn more about NANOE Membership, Credentialing & Events.
25I’d like to learn more. May I send you an email?
Yes. You can reach a live team member via email by sending a message to [email protected] We'll respond to your message by end of business. NANOE’s office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (Eastern)
26I’d like to learn more. May I give you a phone call?
Yes. You can reach a live team member by calling 800-257-6670. If we're on the other line serving a fellow NANOE member we'll return your call by end of business. NANOE’s office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (Eastern)

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Innovation never fears a challenge

NANOE members believe that “innovation never fears a challenge” and that the greatest contribution nonprofit practitioners can make to charity is to become the creative enterprise-leaders our sector so desperately needs.

NANOE is the only nationwide membership organization in the U.S. for Executives seeking credentials in the art of nonprofit capacity-building. Practitioners who hold a prestigious NANOE credential are “best practice” experts who grow charitable enterprise and discover new ways to advance the common good.

Charity has been paralyzed by a set of failed “best practices” that turned the Non-Profit Sector into a Non-Growth Sector decades ago. Present day systems were established in the late 1950’s by industry associations that knowingly persist in methodologies detrimental to the general public. Einstein’s well-known axiom, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” accurately informs our present state.

NANOE, a 501(c)3 corporation and its Board of Governors have unveiled a new and growing set of capacity-building “best practices” that empower nonprofits in ways previously thought to be impossible. These approved techniques are based on field tested university research and have been designed for nonprofit leaders who have a passion to grow their mission. NANOE Practitioners, Organizations & Enterprise Members are eligible to receive the following credentials and/or certifications:

Nominees, please click on the resources below to learn more