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Hey Powerhouse! The quickest way to give out before your prime is to not know when to rest!

I mean this with love!
💓retiring at 50 won’t matter if you don’t make it past 45. Sleep deprivation prevents your immune system from building up its forces. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body may not be able to fend off invaders, and it may also take you longer to recover from illness.

Slow down, the millions will still be there to be made after you wake up from that nap.

Your customer base will still need you after that break.

Refuel, Recharge and Restore your energy, we have been through alot this year.

Here are some helpful resources:
📌BetterHelp @betterhelp allows you to get therapy right from your couch!
📌Calm @calm is a sleep and meditation app good for those late nights spent scrolling on Instagram.

Tap into these resources and get some rest Darling!