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Hi Becky,

I am reaching out to my network of leaders and decision-makers in Nonprofits, seeking your advice.

Our company,, has launched a very different type of custom built and private labeled, All-in-One Software as a Service product for Nonprofits.

Until now, nothing this flexible and easy to use, and learn has been available to you. At this point, would you expect our solutions to be expensive? They are not!

Think about the things you wish your software solutions could do for you. By not having this level of capability and security, are you missing out on an opportunity to bring your organization to the next level? What might this look like and what is the value it brings for your cause?

We help nonprofits provide more good within their communities, through the use of technology solutions that save time, money, and generate more funding for the organization.Please contact me for help and guidance where needed.

Trent Gifford – Senior Vice President
Helping Nonprofits provide more good within their communities

Meet with Trent
[email protected]
(218) 203-5343

Trent Gifford
Trent Gifford
Nonprofit and Association leader with many years of Board and Administrative leadership experience. Trent specializes in technology that helps nonprofits and associations provide more "Good" into their communities.